Trish Una

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Trish Una
  • Torisshu Una
  • トリッシュ・ウナ

Trish Una

Trish is first introduced as a spoiled, selfish girl with upscale tastes. After all, as soon as she is in the care of Team Bucciarati, she immediately demands branded cosmetics and only sparkling water, despite the gravity of the situation. This is later revealed to be a way to cover up her insecurities, although her self-doubt is still evident on such occasions as Bucciarati’s expression of her nervousness about whether she would get along with her father or not.

Anime  Shinji Ikari

During the time she spends with the group, her deeply loyal and determined side is revealed. When she discovers her Stand, Spice Girl, with the help of Giorno Giovanna, she comes to terms with her own power to protect herself and her new friends. At first, she is cold towards her bodyguards, but her relationship with them improves as she becomes one of their comrades in the fight against Diavolo.

She is shown to be concerned about Narancia Ghirga’s safety during the Grateful Dead’s attack. She deliberately refuses to use the ice to her advantage and instead uses it to lessen the aging effect of the coaster on the young man, while Bucciarati convinces her to keep it and use it for herself. Also, she opens up to Narancia after the Green Day ambush, expressing her desire to get Bucciarati’s attention as well as her ambiguous feelings for him.

Anime  Megumin

In the anime adaptation, a scene was added where she watches Narancia resting. She is also seen nonchalantly teasing and joking with Guido Mista towards the end when she becomes comfortable around him. The preface to chapter 592 states that she can behave like a mysophobia and can scream if she touches an object with another person’s residual body heat. Moreover, she does not like everything ugly, insects, as well as smelly stupid men. In the anime, she is shown to have inherited these traits from her mother.

Anime  Chuuya Nakahara

Trish Una Height

Trish Una’s Height Is 163 CM.

Trish Una Birthday

Trish Una’s Birthday Is On June 8th of 1985.

Trish Una Age

Trish Una’s Age Is 15.

Trish Una Voice Actor

  • Kristanek, Diane
    • French
  • Senbongi, Sayaka
    • Japanese
  • Malvárez, Wendy
    • Spanish
  • Freeman, Lizzie
    • English