Shigeo Kageyama

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Shigeo Kageyama
  • Kageyama Shigeo
  • White T-Poison
  • 影山茂夫
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  • モブ

Shigeo Kageyama Anime

As a child, Shigeo learned that his psychic power was connected to his emotions. Strong negative emotions can cause him to hurt others, which he greatly dislikes and avoids. Therefore, he generally tries to keep his emotions under control. However, in some cases, he can control his powers, for example. when he was at 100% courage. He is socially awkward and struggles with “reading the atmosphere” which leaves him short on friends. He is also easily frightened in public, as seen when he stood silently for 5 minutes on the podium during the student president’s campaign speech. Shigeo is a very condescending and understanding person, never holding a grudge against those who hurt him. This was first seen with Teruki Hanazawa relentlessly attacking Shigeo and choking him in an attempt to fight back, but despite this, the two became close friends. With Ritsu Kageyama having gained psychic powers and wanted to fight Shigeo to prove himself stronger in an attempt to break their bond, Shigeo takes no notice, later praising Ritsu for his intelligence and other skills that Shigeo lacks, leaving Ritsu in tears.

The most notable example of his ability to forgive is Minori Asagiri, who mercilessly abused him for six months in the mental world created by Mogami and drove him to the brink of insanity. Despite hurting him so much, Shigeo instantly forgives her and decides to view his time in the mental world as a valuable lesson Minori and Keiji Mogami taught him and actually says that he was glad they could meet. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Shigeo is his seemingly boundless compassion. When fighting villains, he often refuses to use his psychic abilities unnecessarily, preferring to talk to his enemies and try to reason with them. With Katsuya Serizawa, despite being an enemy, Shigeo offered to be his friend and helped him become a better person by not hurting people anymore. With Toichiro Suzuki, despite destroying much of Spice City, Shigeo still lends a hand of friendship and continues to try to reason with him.

During their argument, he sympathizes with Suzuki due to the lonely life he leads and actually cries because he doesn’t want to hurt him, but he has no choice. Then, as Suzuki is about to self-destruct, Shigeo makes the incredibly selfless decision to stay by his side in his last moments because leaving him to die alone would be too sad, which finally causes Suzuki to change. In the Keiji Mogami arc, he lives for half a year in a fantasy world created by the former psychic Mogami. There he is without friends, without family support, or anything else. Despite this, it takes a lot of emotional manipulation as well as physical harm for Mogami to make Shigeo angry at his tormentors. Even then, he wants to offer them forgiveness. Moreover, instead of becoming embittered and looking at the world in a more negative light after this torment, he actually looked in a positive way, because it meant that with all the terrible people and circumstances in the world, he was lucky to have his friends and family, and vowed to be even more grateful by demonstrating his very noble and pure character. He is also morally opposed to using psychic powers against other people.

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However, he is willing to drop this principle in emergencies, such as when Ritsu is kidnapped. Another principle of his is that psychic powers do not inherently make him or others better and that his psychic powers are not something he needs in life. This belief leads to conflict between him and Teru, Mogami, Toichiro Suzuki, and even his own brother Ritsu. However, if the situation is dire enough, such as his brother being kidnapped by the 7th Talon Squad, he will not hesitate to use them. Because of this principle, and because he believes he is severely lacking in many other areas, Shigeo has a low opinion of himself despite being one of the most powerful espers in the series. As a result, Shigeo was initially very silent and did not often speak his mind, mostly keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself. But over time, he began to speak out more and express his opinion on many things. This primarily affected his relationship with Reigen; at first, Shigeo followed Reigen almost everywhere and at almost any time and did everything he told him with little to no objection. The only exception was Ceiling Crusher, when Shigeo reminded Reigen that he had asked his master not to summon him on such short notice, though even then he was not particularly annoyed.

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But at the start of Season 2, Shigeo objected more vehemently to Reigen’s wishes, telling his master in a somewhat annoyed tone to stop forcing Shigeo to give up everything for him. This more confident side and growing suspicion of his master seems to have finally peaked after Shigeo had lived in the Mogami world for six months and Reigen called him out of the blue again to deal with the evil spirit when Shigeo was about to a very fun and socially engaging activity with your friends. After Reigen stated that his friends were just bullying Shigeo and telling him to put his job before his social life, going so far as to call Shigeo gullible, this was the turning point that caused Shigeo to finally go against his master. He realizes that not everything Reigen said was true and states that he was not as gullible as Reigen thought he was. From that point on, he stops going to work and leaves Reigen for an unknown period of time to have fun with his brother and his friends, actually being happy and not worrying about Reigen. Shigeo also had a somewhat naive idea of ​​how cruel the world could be due to being protected from harsh conditions by a loving family, especially an honor student, Ritsu. That’s why Mogami decided to put Shigeo in a mental landscape where he didn’t have his powers and was surrounded by terrible people he couldn’t fight back against.

After six months of torment and subconscious motivation, Mogami Shigeo is fed up and almost ready to unleash his psychic powers on his bullies, but is stopped by Dimple, who reminds him of who he is and snaps him out of his amnesia. Despite being bullied for six months in Mogami’s mind, he did not appear to be traumatized after escaping, even stating that since the world is full of terrible people, he should be even more grateful for the amazing people and family he has. has around him. Even though Mogami didn’t turn Shigeo the way he originally wanted, Mogami and the six months of torment affected Shigeo and his view of the world. While he did not appear psychologically traumatized by the experience, he appears to have become less naive and more aware of the world around him. It’s possible that after seeing the terrible people in the world and how others used Mogami, he became even more suspicious of his master and became less trusting as a result, which is why he left Reigen, coming to the conclusion that his Master had started using and treating him. more like a tool than a person. Moreover, he seems to have become tougher with his friends and allies after being told by Mogami to be tougher with people when the time is right.

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Perhaps the most dramatic example of the impact Mogami could have had on Shigeo was how Shigeo became more inclined to use his psychic abilities in an overly aggressive manner when the time called for it. The first instance of this was when he began violently and painfully twisting and tearing Toichiro Suzuki’s body to end the fight, which he probably wouldn’t have done before. Despite his noble and humble nature, Shigeo is not immune to praise and adulation. This was primarily shown after the “Divine Tree” arc when he seemed to be getting more and more popular and girls were talking to him or talking about him, and when he found out about the Psycho Helmet cult holding a meeting to worship to their “leader”. This caused him to enter a new 100% state: 100% Infatuation, as his face changed, became clearer, and he began to speak in a more smug tone. This new self-confidence was noted by Reigen when Shigeo explained that the cult was created because of his actions, overestimating himself, and what Reigen thought sounded awfully cocky. However, this exaggerated certainty seems to have vanished some time after Shigeo discovered that Dimple had taken his place as the leader of the Psycho-Helmet cult at their meeting.

Shigeo Kageyama Birthday

Shigeo Kageyama’s Birthday Is On 12th May.

Shigeo Kageyama Age

Shigeo Kageyama’s Age Is 14.

Shigeo Kageyama Brother

Shigeo Kageyama’s Brother Is Ritsu Kageyama. Ritsu Is Shigeo’s Younger Brother.

Shigeo Kageyama Powers

Shigeo’s true power lies in his phenomenal psychic abilities. He has an enormous ability to store psychic energy, which he mainly uses to fuel his already existing powers.

Shigeo is convinced that psychic powers cannot be used against others. Shigeo has the ability to charge others with his power.

  • List of Shigeo’s Powers
    • 100% Sadness
    • 100% Murderous Intent
    • 100% Anger / Rage
    • 100% Resignation
    • 100% Trust
    • 100% Gratitude
    • 100% Kindness
    • 100% Ecstasy
    • 100% Shame
    • 100% Rejection
    • 100% Getting Carried Away
    • 100% Courage
    • 100% Friendship
    • 100% Compassion
    • 100% Tenacity / Obsession
    • 100% Hostility / Animosity

Shigeo Kageyama Voice Actor

  • Luiz, Ítalo
    • Portuguese
  • Itou, Setsuo
    • Japanese
  • McCarley, Kyle
    • English
  • Leblan, Jean-Pierre
    • French
  • Scheuernstuhl, Manuel
    • German
  • Siller, Carlos
    • Spanish