Sasuke Retsuden

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  • NARUTO -ナルト- サスケ烈伝 うちはの末裔と天球の星屑

Sasuke Retsuden Manga

The Astronomy Research Institute can be found nestled in the folds of the mountains, right on the edge of the territory that makes up the Land of Redaku. Tataru Janmar, a contemporary of the Sage of Six Paths, established the Institute as a shelter for research back when it was established centuries ago; but, due to the passage of time, the Institute is now used as a jail for Redaku’s offenders. The prisoners who are held at the deteriorating Institute are provided with few creature comforts. Their cells are devoid of any furnishings, and their clothing offers little protection from the bitter cold. Furthermore, the inmates are required to engage in backbreaking manual labor regardless of their age or the state of their health.

The security staff at the Institute show very little concern for the health and safety of the inmates, and the food that is provided for them has very little positive impact on their ability to maintain a healthy diet. One of the newest inmates at the Institute, who is now serving a term of three years for the murder of a family, is unable to tolerate these conditions any longer and begins making plans to flee the facility. In the course of breakfast, he makes a request for assistance to inmate number 487, Sasuke Uchiha. The man inquires as to if Sasuke is a shinobi and goes on to explain that he himself attended a Ninja Academy for a period of time when he was younger and even maintains some degree of control over his chakra.

The man thinks that they will be able to scale the walls of the prison and then, once they are out, they will have to scavenge for food until they reach civilisation. Sasuke cautions the man that his chances of surviving are slim, but he does not accompany him on his journey. The man asks Sasuke why he won’t at least try to flee, and Sasuke responds that he’s here by choice. The man continues to probe Sasuke. The man is persuaded by Sasuke’s comment that Sasuke is an idiot, and as a result, he leaves Sasuke to be determined by fate.

He approaches the walls of the prison with the clear conviction that the guards are too disinterested in their employment to pursue any prisoners who have escaped. The only significant barrier is Men, but the man is keeping his fingers crossed that the seasonal fog will mask his movements before Men can catch on to what’s going on. He starts climbing the wall and, after some time has passed, he arrives at the top. The man feels pleased with himself because he imagined that the journey would leave him somewhat more worn out than it actually did. He then descends to the opposite side of the wall, where he discovers Men waiting for him. The man makes desperate attempts to climb back up the wall, but Men rips into him, and he passes out as a result.

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    • Uchiha, Sasuke
    • Haruno, Sakura
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