Platinum End

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Platinum End
  • Purachina Endo
  • プラチナエンド

Platinum End Anime

Ever since he lost his family in the explosion, Mirai Kakehashi has lived a life of pain and despair. Every day he suffers cruel treatment from the relatives who sheltered him. As his suffering steadily wanes in his will to live, he eventually finds himself on the brink.

Ready to give up everything, he stands on the edge of the abyss and makes a jump. However, instead of falling to his death, he enters a trance where he encounters a winged being who claims to be his guardian angel. An angel named Nasse offers him two invaluable abilities and urges him to continue living.

As Mirai experiences the wonder of his new abilities, he will taste the freedom that has been locked away from him for so long. Armed with Nasse’s gifts, Mirai takes on 12 other humans, one of whom will be chosen to be the next God.

Unlike when he wanted to kill himself, Mirai is now willing to do whatever it takes to protect his bleak chance at happiness so that it won’t be torn from his grasp forever.

Platinum End Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Hanakago, Saki
    • Kakehashi, Mirai
    • Nasse
    • Revel
  • Supporting Characters
    • Bakamatsu, Ryuuji
    • Balta
    • Baret
    • Hatakeyama, Shougo
    • Hoshi, Masaya
    • Kakehashi, Father
    • Luta
    • Meyza
    • Minamikawa, Mizukiyo
    • Mukaidou, Aya
    • Mukaidou, Nanato
    • Muni
    • Nakaumi, Keiichi
    • Nakaumi, Shuuji
    • Nakayama, Chiyo
    • Ogaro
    • Penema
    • Sayuri
    • Sokotani, Hajime
    • Tabuchi, Saburou
    • Temari, Yuri
    • Tonma, Rodriguez
    • Uryuu, Kanade
    • Yamada, Mimimi
    • Yazeri
    • Yoneda, Gaku
    • Yuito, Susumu
    • Yumiki, Manami

Platinum End Episode

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Gift from an Angel
2Hero of Justice
3Heart’s Beloved
4Time to Assemble
5Death Sentence
6Two Painful Options
7Tower of Nightmare
8Symbol of Promise
9The Face of an Assassin
10Where the Tears Go
11Your Own Worth
12A Fine Line Between Offense and Defense
13World Peace
14Two Lights
15Diffused Power
16World’s Greatest Assassin
17The Other Five
18Last Supper
19The Future of Humanity
20The Price of Honor
21The Time for Talk
22Wings of Determination
23At the End of Thought
24The Final Arrow
Platinum End Episode