My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission
  • Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī: Wārudo Hīrōzu Misshon
  • 僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ワールドヒーローズミッション

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Synopsis

In The My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission The doomsday cult, known as Humarise, believes that Quirks will eventually become very powerful and bring about the extinction of humanity. For this reason, they planted “trigger” gas-filled bombs around the world. This kills the Quirk user by making Quirk out of control and dying in the process. Their leader, Flect Turn, plans to use these bombs to save humanity by killing Quirk’s population. After Humarise detonates the first trigger bomb, the World Heroes Association dispatches professional heroes and the United States.

In The My Hero Academia Movie High hero course student to Humarise‘s target in the hope of disarming the remaining bombs. Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are one of those sent to the headquarters of Humarise in the country of Otheon. None of the heroes find any trace of Humarise and they are put on standby. While on the go, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki encounter an ongoing jewel robbery. Shoto Todoroki and the bomber chase after the thief, and Midoriya chases their courier, Lodi Soul.

Meanwhile, Humalies scientist Alan Kay escapes with an important briefcase, but is attacked by Humalies agent Velos and crashes the car while pursuing Izuku Midoriya and Lodi. I let you. Just before Izuku Midoriya caught Kay’s briefcase, Lodi accidentally grabbed Kay’s briefcase. They are immediately attacked by the police, but Midoriya uses a black whip to escape with Lodi. Izuku Midoriya is publicly accused of mass slaughter by Humarise member Otheon’s police chief and is off the grid following Shoto Todoroki’s advice.

Izuku Midoriya and Lodi head for Clade, a neighboring country that is not under the jurisdiction of the Otheon police. Midoriya sends a coded message about his new destination to Shoto Todoroki. Shoto Todoroki heads there with the bomber. That night, Lodi becomes homesick and secretly reports the briefcase to the police. The police officer who arrived turned out to be a Humarise agent attacking him. Izuku Midoriya was awakened by Pino, a fellow bird of Lodi, to save him, but was injured by Velos during the battle. Lodi apologized while patching Midoriya, explaining that his father had abandoned his family and joined Humary’s, and that he and his brother were eventually banished. The two are attacked by Velos at the Clade border, but are saved by a bomber and Shoto Todoroki, and Velos commits suicide to avoid capture.

In the aftermath, Midoriya discovers a hidden compartment in a briefcase containing a puzzle that Lodi played as a kid. Rody solves that and finds a USB device and data disk inside. The disc contains a message from Kay, who reveals that he and Lodi’s father, Eddie Soul, were forced by Humanies to create a trigger bomb. The device contains a bomb kill code created by Kay and Eddy. Humarise has announced that it will explode the remaining bombs within two hours, forcing deployed heroes to overcome subsequent global panics and find the bombs. Midoriya and others board a plane operated by Lodi and take the device to the headquarters of Fumary’s.

Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki deal with the villains of the top Humarise, and Midoriya faces the Flect Turn. That habit reflects everything that comes into contact with him. Izuku Midoriya is overwhelmed by the natural defense of Flect Turn and the laser barrage. Lodi arrives and seems to betray Midoriya by handing over the device in exchange for the safety of his brother. However, thanks to Pino, who is actually Lodi’s sensibility and expresses his true feelings and intentions, Midoriya realizes that it is a feint and catches the Flect Turnoff Guard.

Izuku Midoriya realizes that there is a limit to the damage that can be received by the habit of the Flect Turn, and uses 100% of One for All to defeat the Flect Turn with a punch barrage. Meanwhile, Lodi headed for the trigger bomb control system, and despite being injured by the laser defense system, he and Pino were unable to insert the device in almost time. In the aftermath, the surviving members of Humarise are arrested and the hero is healed in the hospital. When Izuku Midoriya returns to Japan, he and Lodi say goodbye to tears. Class 1-A reunites in the United States, and Lodi takes on a job as a bartender and pursues his dream of becoming a pilot.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Characters

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    • All Might
    • Kirishima, Eijirou
    • Uraraka, Ochako
    • Asui, Tsuyu
    • Takami, Keigo
    • Kaminari, Denki