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Humarise My Hero Academia

Humarise is a cult that serves as the main antagonists of the My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Movie. Humarise members adopted a brownish dress as their attire, and a white hooded monastic pauldron, embroidered with the Humarise emblem, also covers their faces with masks. Humarise is a global cult led by Flect Turn that believes in the Quirk’s doomsday theory, viewing the Quirk as a curse on humanity and planning to commit genocide against professional heroes and most Quirk users other than themselves to bring about the downfall of Quirk society.

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My Hero Academia Humarise

In My Hero Academia Movie Humarise is a cult religious organization originating from Otheon whose creed is based on a blind belief in the bizarre singularity doomsday theory, which suggests that as generations pass, the quirks will become more powerful to the point of becoming uncontrollable, causing the end of humanity. Although this theory has not been proven, members of Humarise believe it to be true. This makes its members despise and hate fads.

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Humarise views quirks as diseases, and they refer to those with quirks as “sick” or “infected” and those without quirks as “pure people”. They believe that their sacred mission is to save humanity from the Quirks by erasing them from the face of the earth, although they believe that killing all the people in the world with a whim is the only way to prevent human extinction by saving “pure people”. “. Humarise despises the appearance of fads.

The members of Humarise are mostly non-quirky people, although they also have a variety of quirk users, including their founder. These Quirk users truly believe in the Humarise creed and want to atone for being born with the ability by giving their lives for the cause, but others simply obey and work for Humarise so they don’t get wiped out along with the rest of the Quirk users around the world, and rather than out of genuine ideological allegiance. Despite its extremist ideology and having spearheaded several actions against the fad, Humarise has managed to expand beyond Otheon and open branches in twenty-five cities around the world.

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My Hero Academia Humarise Members

  • Flect Turn (Leader)
  • Eddie Soul (Scientist)
  • Beros
  • Leviathan
  • Rogone
  • Serpenters
  • Sidero
  • Alan Kay

My Hero Academia Humarise Quote

For Humanity’s salvation!