Gakuen Handsome

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Gakuen Handsome
  • Gakuen Heaven
  • Gakuen Hevun
  • Academy Heaven
  • 学園ヘヴン

Gakuen Handsome Anime

High school student Yoshiki Maeda is starting the new year at Baraman Boys High School. On the first day, Yoshiki reunites with his childhood friend Takuya Saotome and meets his strange and dramatic homeroom teacher, Teruhiko Saionji.

Yoshiki’s younger sister, Yuu, knows many of these handsome boys and seems to enjoy teasing her older brother on them. Yoshiki soon discovers several stereotypical romantic characters and has no choice but to deal with their overtly ridiculous and pointless love antics of the boys.

Gakuen Handsome Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Mitsurugi, Sakuya
    • Maeda, Yoshiki
  • Supporting Characters
    • Jirou
    • Saionji, Teruhiko
    • Shiga, Shingo
    • Kagami, Renji
    • Yuu
    • Saotome, Takuya

Gakuen Handsome Anime Episodes

Gakuen Handsome Anime Episodes
Gakuen Handsome Anime Episodes

Gakuen Handsome All Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1An Out Of Season Transfer Student
2The Heaven We Reached
3Circulating Letter, Wavering Feelings
4Steam! A Stormy Welcoming Party
5Heaven’s Door
6Date Weather
7The Whereabouts of Anxiety
8The Night Before the MVP Battle
9The Steel Flower
10The Key to Memories
11Revealed Truth
12A Flower that won’t Bend to the Wind
13Promise ~Always~
Gakuen Handsome All Episodes