Dr. Stone Ryusui

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Dr. Stone Ryusui
  • Dr. Stone Ryuusui
  • Dokutā Sutōn Ryūsui
  • Dr.STONE 龍水
  • ドクターストーン 龍水

Dr. Stone Ryusui Anime

After the Tsukasa Empire is defeated, the Science Kingdom plans to embark on an adventure to discover the source of the petrification halfway around the world. For this purpose, they begin the construction of a large ship to cross the ocean, and to command it, they revive Ryusui Nanami: an extremely skilled young sailor, heir to the powerful Nanami conglomerate.

However, Ryusui’s greedy requests to cooperate, and his realization of the money revival, bring a new dynamic to the science realm’s workforce. Overnight, an economy of labor and goods develops; a market that is manipulated by Senku and Gen for all it’s worth. Ryusui’s currency, the Drago, has its value backed by oil, from the Sagara Oilfield, which Senku promised to find, and hand over the property to Ryusui in exchange for his services.

However, Japan’s landscape has been rendered unrecognizable by the earth’s volcanism for thousands of years, and the kingdom is unable to orient itself to locate the oilfield. They need updated maps of Japan, and to map them, they make a hot air balloon to observe the earth from the sky. On its maiden voyage, Senku, Ryusui, and Chrome fly from Roppongi Hills to Ishigami Village, a trip that didn’t go without having to brave a fierce storm along the way.

Dr. Stone Ryusui Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Senkuu
    • Asagiri, Gen
    • Chrome
    • Kohaku
    • Nanami, Ryuusui
    • Ooki, Taiju
    • Ogawa, Yuzuriha
  • Supporting Characters
    • Suika
    • Kaseki
    • Saionji, Ukyou

Dr. Stone Ryusui Anime Episodes

Dr. Stone Ryusui Anime Episodes
Dr. Stone Ryusui Anime Episodes