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Death Note Movie Plot Story

In Seattle, Washington, high school student Light Turner stumbles upon the “Death Note“, a mysterious leather-bound notebook with instructions that if you write a person’s name in it, that person will die in due course. Light then meets the death god Ryuk, the owner of the notebook. Ryuk convinces Light to use the notebook; Light writes down the bully’s name and soon after witnesses him being killed in a freak accident. That night, Light tries it again using the name of his mother’s killer, Anthony Skomal, and learns the next morning from his father James, a police detective, that Skomal had died, just as Light wrote.

At school, Light shows Mia the book and demonstrates its power by killing a known criminal during a televised hostage situation. The two decide to work together to rid the world of criminals and terrorists, using the name “Kira”, which comes from the Japanese transliteration of “Killer”, to distract investigators from their continent. Kira’s actions attract the attention of enigmatic international detective “L”, who deduces that Kira is a student from Seattle with close ties to the police, and indirectly concludes that Kira can only kill by knowing the name and face of her victim. Working with James and the police, L gets several FBI agents to track Light and other suspects. Light refuses to kill them when Mia suggests it, but the agents soon commit mass suicide, which Light believes Ryuk forced them to do.

James threatens Kira on a public broadcast, but when he fails to be killed, L confronts Light for being Kira and prepares the police for a thorough search of Light’s house. Light decides to use the Death Note to force L’s personal assistant Watari to go to Montauk, New York and find L’s adoption record there; Light plans to burn the notebook page with Watari’s name as soon as he learns L’s name to stop Watari from dying and then kill L. Mia helps steal the notebook before being searched. Light and Mia go to the school dance, using the event to ditch L and the police. Light finds the notebook just as Watari contacts him by the name L from the orphanage where he grew up, but Light cannot find the page in the notebook that says Watari’s name.

The guard then kills Watari for the intrusion before he can reveal L’s name. Light discovers that Mia took Watari’s page, caused the agents to commit suicide, and wrote Light’s name in a book, intending to kill him at midnight, but she offers to burn his page if he passes her notebook. Light runs away, telling Mia to meet him at the Great Wheel of Seattle. Meanwhile, L learns of Watari’s death and becomes unstable, going on a personal hunt for Light while James orders L to be detained. L corners Light, but Kira’s supporter, hearing that Light is Kira, knocks out L, allowing Light to run away. Mia meets Light at the wheel and they drive to the top. There, Mia steals the notebook, but realizes too late that this was Light’s plan: Light wrote her death in the notebook on the condition that she take it. Ryuk then causes the wheel to collapse, causing Miya to fall to her death and Light and the notebook to fall into nearby waters. A page with Light’s name falls into a burning barrel right in front of El.

Prior to meeting Mia, Light used the book to force a doctor accused of a crime to save him and put him into a medically induced coma, while another criminal retrieved the Death Note and continued killing Kira before returning the book to his bedside. killing both after their role is completed. Meanwhile, Al is ordered to drop the case for his apparent wrongdoing, but despite this, he raids Mia’s house, finds a notebook page with the agents’ names, and deduces her capabilities. In a fit of hysteria, he thinks of writing a name that supposedly belongs to Light. When Light wakes up from a coma in the hospital with James, who has come to the conclusion that Light is Kira by his side, he tries to convince James that his actions were the “lesser of two evils”, prompting Ryuk to laugh and comment that “People are so interesting.”

Death Note Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Lawliet, L
    • Yagami, Light
    • Ryuk
    • Yagami, Souichirou
  • Supporting Characters
    • Amane, Misa
    • River, Nate
    • Keehl, Mihael
    • Matsuda, Touta
    • Jeevas, Mail
    • Mikami, Teru

Death Note Anime

Death Note Anime

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