Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Bubble
  • Baburu
  • バブル

Bubble Anime Movie

In the near future, the world is overcome by bubbles. The explosion on the Tokyo Tower concentrates all the bubbles in Tokyo, but makes the city uninhabitable. Various young people defy the restrictions and live there anyway, using the parkour tournaments as a means of bartering and exchanging supplies. In one Blue Flazes parkour team, a young man named Hibiki has an exceptional talent for parkour, but shuns others due to his super hearing sensitivity.

Tokyo Tower is still inaccessible due to gravitational anomalies. One day, Hibiki tries to climb the tower because he hears a woman’s song and thinks he sees a boy there. He almost makes it, but ends up falling into the ocean, where his last breath combines with some bubbles to form a mysterious young woman. She is clearly new to being human, but is quick to learn from others.

Hibiki calls her “Uta” meaning “Song” because she knows the song he hears in his head. Uta and Hibiki practice parkour together, defeating a team called the Mortis/Undertakers, however, in the final catch, when Uta touches Hibiki, her arm turns into bubbles. Bubble activity is starting again, so the people of Tokyo need to run. Uta goes to Tokyo Tower to stop it. Hibiki goes to rescue her.

In the final scene, they save each other, but Uta dissolves into bubbles, just like in Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairy tale: The Little Mermaid. With her dying breath, she tells Hibiki that he was worth it for her to be human. With the bubbles gone, the people of Tokyo return and begin to rebuild. Parkour teams also go on with their lives. Whether real or imagined, Hibiki feels that Uta is always there for him.