Bokutachi wa Hanshoku wo Yameta

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Bokutachi wa Hanshoku wo Yameta
  • 僕たちは繁殖をやめた

Bokutachi wa Hanshoku wo Yameta Manga

Third-year university student Shin Momotari dreams of making the greatest film ever, and one day he has a chance encounter with Hitomi Osako, a girl beautiful enough to be mistaken for an actress. And it just so happens that she goes to the university that Shin attends.

Guided by fate, the two of them gradually begin to fall in love with each other. However, there is something none of them know. The partner they fell in love with is related to them by blood, their own brother. Thus opens the curtain of a pure and forbidden love story woven by two who are never destined to be together.

Bokutachi wa Hanshoku wo Yameta Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Oosako, Hitomi
    • Momotari, Shin
  • Supporting Characters
    • Zenimaru, Eri
    • Kurosawa, Akinori
    • Oosako, Kozue
    • Momotari, Koutarou